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Certified Payments provides payment services to government agencies across the United States. Our convenience fee model makes our service FREE to the government agency and allows for quick and easy acceptance of payments.

We provide services to the following areas in government:

  • Property Tax
    Offers property owners an effective online payment solution that is useful and convenient for the customer.

  • Driver's License Renewal
    Assist with driver’s license renewal. Our quick and easy payment solution is guaranteed safe and secure.

  • Motor Vehicle Renewal
    Allows customers to renew their motor vehicle registration and offers a variety of solutions most convenient for you.

  • Court Fines and Fees
    Processes several different types of court fines and fine fees for county courts, municipal courts, circuit courts, and district courts.

  • CSCD
    Provides a way for offenders to pay their court-ordered financial obligations.

  • Utility Bills
    Handles both residential and commercial payment options for utility customers.

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